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VirgBoogi Designs


Virgil Moore “Virg Boogi” is a Graphic Designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. VirgBoogi Deisgns has a graphic deisgn service that provides quality! You will always be up to date with your design project, and will never be lost with whats going on.

VirgBoogi Designs offers everything from logo design, business card design, cover art, flyers, tee-shirt graphics and more! I look forward to working with you to create some amazing visuals! There are plenty examples of the work so feel free to search around! Lets work together!

The purpose of VirgBoogi Designs is to provide high-efficient graphic design services from logo design, business card design, flyers, album art, photo editing and graphics. I want to offer a reliable source for graphic design on a professional scale while providing excellent service that executes the project that needs to be completed. The service VirgBoogi Designs will have affordable quality service for graphic design. VirgBoogi Designs will bring the creative vision to life. Plan the project Design the project Attack the concept. 

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