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Original Telegenic Productions

Formally known as ORIGINAL Productions, #OTP (Original Telegenic Productions) was founded by LaVaughan Thomas in 2011. Originality was and is still the main focus when producing photography and film for our clients. We believe in simplicity and cater to those who enjoy originality.

“Bringing Work to the Table” is a statement commonly seen from ORIGINAL Telegenic Productions. We believe in excellent communication and reasonable turn-around times for all of the work we produce. We are not only promoting ourselves but we are also promoting those we work with. Quality will always be our #1 priority and as time continues, we will dedicate our time and investments into it.

ORIGINAL is the origin, the first out of all sequels. We are not the first media production team but the passion and drive that runs through the our company’s veins will put us at the top! Telegenic was added in February 22, 2015 meaning “having physical qualities or characteristics that televise well; videogenic”. There is no limit on what we will accomplish in our near future.

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