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CaliBurgh Bree

Creative Captain and Co-Owner of PGEntLLC, CaliburghBree specializes in project management, marketing, and event coordination. She has spent the last decade collaborating with both educators and entertainers and has more recently been visible in the city curating showcases, conferences, networking mixers, children’s’ events, and parties. A native of California but raised in Pittsburgh, CaliburghBree’s inspiration derives from the passionate professionals she sees throughout the city that truly try to make a difference. She hopes to one day use her connections to open a community center where youth, artists, and families can come together to create and educate themselves and one another. CaliburghBree earned her bachelor’s in Applied Developmental Psychology in Education from the University of Pittsburgh and on the day-to-day basis can be found working with youth in the community or at home with her creative partner/fiancé, Chon (X3), and their young son.

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